Summer Camp & Retreat Centers

The Seventh-day Adventist Church provides activities for youth through two major coed mentoring programs—Pathfinders and summer camp. Pathfinder clubs are based at local churches and operate year-round. Summer camp programs are held at nearly 60 locations across North America where youth spend one to two weeks with peers learning about God, engaging in fun activities (i.e. horseback riding and swimming), and growing physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

To learn more about summer camp programs in the Columbia Union, contact each conference, as follows:

Allegheny East Conference

Location: Camp Daniel L. Davis
PO Box 266
Pine Forge, Pennsylvania 19548
Telephone: (610) 326-4610
Camp Director: Claude Harris

Allegheny West Conference

6470 Oakthorpe Road
Thornville, Ohio 43076
Telephone: (740) 536-9127
Camp Director: Donald Burden

Chesapeake Conference

Location: Mount Aetna Camp and Retreat Center
21905 Mount Aetna Road
Hagerstown, Maryland 21742
Telephone: (301) 824-6045
Camp Director: Shawn Paris
(301) 824-2729
Retreat Center Facility Director: Glen Milam
(301) 824-6045

Mountain View Conference

Location: Valley Vista Adventist Center
Becky’s Creek Road, Route 1, Box 37A
Huttonsville, West Virginia 26273
Telephone: (304) 335-2000
Camp Director: Andrea Gordon

New Jersey Conference

Location: Tranquility Camp
3 Campus Drive
Andover, New Jersey 07821
Telephone: (908) 366-7900

Ohio Conference

Location: Camp Mohaven
18744 Turkey Ridge Road
Danville, Ohio 43014
Telephone: (740) 397-4665 ext.122
Camp Director: Steve Carlson

Pennsylvania Conference

Location: Laurel Lake Camp
RD 1, Box 83-A
Rossiter, Pennsylvania 15772
Telephone: (814) 938-9300
Camp Director: Denise Moran

Potomac Conference

Location: Camp Blue Ridge
Montebello, Virginia 24464
Telephone: (540) 377-2413 
Camp Director: Denny Grady