Communication Resources

Looking to create or improve communication for your church, school or ministry? We've got you covered.


We create resources that promote best communication practices and provide training to equip communicators at every level of the church to become effective in telling the Seventh-day Adventist Church's story.

Here are a few to get you started:


We partnered with AdventSource to publish our Communication Handbook in book form with additional articles. This 116-page compilation provides guidelines and practical tips on a variety of communication topics. Twenty experienced communicators contributed to the book that is now available from AdventSource.
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Communication Handbook

This 56-page booklet includes a job description for local church communication leaders, and provides guidelines and practical tips on how to write and edit news articles, take great photos and use social media, video, branding and public and media relations to tell an organization's story.

Click on the cover image to download a PDF of the handbook, or view it as an online flipbook



Training Videos

In addition to the handbook, watch our companion video series to gain ideas, tips and resources for effective communication on any budget:

Introduction to our Videos
Communication Training Video Intro





Maximize Communication for Your Next Event
LaTasha Hewitt, Allegheny East Conference
LaTasha Hewitt




How to Improve Community Perception of Your Church
Richard Castillo, Potomac Conference
Richard Castillo




Craft a Message for Every Generation
Jessica Beans, Kettering College
Jessica Beans




12 Copyediting Tips You Need to Know
Ricardo Bacchus, Columbia Union Conference
Ricardo Bacchus




How to Get Your News in the News
Debra Anderson, Potomac Conference
Debra Anderson




How to Lead Local Church Communication
Heidi Shoemaker, Kettering Health




Keep Calm and Communicate in a Crisis
Celeste Ryan Blyden, Columbia Union Conference




How to Create a Must-Read Email Newsletter
Andre Hastick, Chesapeake Conference
Andre Hastick




Is Your Church Violating a Copyright
Jennifer Gray Woods, General Conference
Jennifer Gray Woods





Additional Resources

How to Take Great Photos

North American Division's Brand Guidelines

10 Ways to Raise Public Awareness


9 consejos para escribir un buen artículo 

¿Cuál es el rol de la comunicación?

Qué hacer y qué no hacer para construir tu presencia en las redes sociales

Cómo evitar violar el derecho de autor

Cómo mejorar la percepción que la comunidad tiene de tu iglesia

Mantén la calma y communícate en medio de una crisis

Cómo dirigir la comunicación de la iglesia local

Revelándose al público


9 Conseils pour Bien Raconter une Histoire

Quel est le rôle de la communication ?

À faire et à ne pas Faire pour Renforcer votre Présence sur les Réseaux Sociaux

Comment Eviter de Violer le Droit d'Auteur

Comment améliorer la Perception de votre Eglise par la Communauté

Comment Orienter la Communication de l'Eglise Locale

Restez Calme et Communiquez en Cas de Crise

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Resources are produced and provided by the Columbia Union Conference Communication department.